Hear how the Anchorage Museum in Alaska has partnered with the Northern Norway Art Museum to address some of the challenges that are unique to Northern places. The museum is exploring equitable community solutions through its new Solutions for Energy and Equitable Design Lab (SEED Lab). This episode is a conversation with Julie Decker, Director and CEO of the museum and Bodil Kjelstrup, who is serving as curator of the SEED Lab. Kjelstrup is from the Northern Norway Art Museum, and the two met at a conference on the arts in the circumpolar north several years ago. Find out how the SEED Lab is engaging the creativity of the community to address some of its most pressing challenges. This conversation hits on climate change, equity in indigenous communities, do-it-yourself culture and shifting narratives to empower local communities.  The two museum officials co-taught a breakout session at the 2019 Pacific Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit. 


Host: Andrea Orlando  lives, records, and writes from her home in New Jersey. Contact her at andrea.orlando.530@gmail.com

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