Want to learn the secrets of crowdfunding? Join The National Consortium for Creative Placemaking as we chat with the innovators at ioby.org, who specialize in providing technical assistance, support, and a legal financial structure for community volunteers who crowdsource funding under a variety of circumstances. At the onset of quarantine, the non-profit organization stepped up with additional support for projects that specifically responded to the pandemic, and that included creative placemaking initiatives to care for artists and commission art that communicates public health messages. In this talk, ioby.org Community and Growth Manager, Dana J. Schneider, will introduce community leaders from Detroit and New Orleans, who will talk about how they care for artists and their communities during this crisis. This is the lineup of guests and their projects:

Amelia Duran, Art on the Block: Detroit Artist and Community Relief Fund

Eno Laget, URGENT: Shelter in Place Billboards in Detroit Neighborhoods

Lindsay Glatz, Revelry: A visual celebration of New Orleans culture helping artists who are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic

Host: Andrea Orlando  lives, records, and writes from her home in New Jersey. Contact her at andrea.orlando.530@gmail.com



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