Creative Placemaking in Alaska

• July 25th, 2019

Hear how the Anchorage Museum in Alaska has partnered with the Northern Norway Art Museum to address some of the challenges that are unique to Northern places. The museum is exploring equitable community solutions through its new Solutions for Energy and Equitable Design Lab (SEED Lab). This episode is a conversation with Julie Decker, Director and CEO of the museum and Bodil Kjelstrup, who is serving as curator of the SEED Lab. Kjelstrup is from the Northern Norway Art Museum, and the two met at a conference on the arts in the circumpolar north several years ago. Find out how the SEED Lab is engaging the creativity of the community to address some of its most pressing challenges. This conversation hits on climate change, equity in indigenous communities, do-it-yourself culture and shifting narratives to empower local communities.  The two museum officials co-taught a breakout session at the 2019 Pacific Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit in Los Angeles in June. 

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Mapping the Treasures of Little Tokyo, LA

• July 10th, 2019

Dancing in a big circle? Show and tell? Drinking cocktails made from the fruit of an old tree? Flower arranging? These may not be the activities that one associates with anti-displacement community organizing, but they play a central role in fight to preserve Little Tokyo, LA, one of three remaining historic Japantowns in the nation. This episode is a conversation with Scott Oshima of the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center. The JACCC is involved in the campaign to preserve the historic neighborhood. We chatted with them at the 2019 Pacific Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit in LA in June where they taught two breakout sessions and led a field workshop into Little Tokyo with Summit participants. Although this conversation is about a specific neighborhood we go deep on why arts and culture remind community activists what they are fighting for in the first place. They also discuss some of the tactical urbanist and cultural asset mapping strategies they use to gather data and celebrate small wins in the long, hard work of reaching towards a vision several years into the future. Like this episode? Donate to help us produce more episodes of CreativePlace! 


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Concerts and Creative Placemaking

• July 1st, 2019

Hear how free concerts transformed two communities in Texas and Nevada. We had a conversation with Sharon Yazowski, Executive Director of the Mortimer and Mimi Levitt Foundation; Patti Diou of the Levitt Pavilion in Arlington, TX, and Gina Lopez-Hill of the Brewery Arts Center in Carson City, NV. This episode touches on the power of getting the community together over free, outdoor concerts. Our guests give their programs credit for introducing couples who later got married, helping local employers retain talented employees, and helping neighbors meet and bond over music. The recording took place during the 2019 Pacific Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit in Los Angeles, which was co-produced by the Mortimer and Mimi Levitt Foundation, ArtPlace America and The National Consortium for Creative Placemaking

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Cultural Tourism in Lakota Country

• June 18th, 2019

Listen to this interview with a father-daughter team who are taking cultural tourism to the next level in South Dakota. Their company, Tatanka Rez Tourz, offers custom tours of the Pine Ridge Reservation that can feature music and dance performances, a discussion of tribal governance, a history lesson at Wounded Knee, genealogy, or a prayer ceremony. Warren "Guss" Yellow Hair and Tianna Yellow Hair do it all in the spirit of serving their community and telling their story to those who come to listen. 

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Creative Placemaking in Rural Places

• June 11th, 2019

With the early 2019 release of "Rural Prosperity Through the Arts & Creative Sector" and the 2019 Rural Generation Summit, the creative placemaking world is turning its attention to arts and culture-driven economic and community development in less-populated areas. Bob Reeder, Program Director of Rural LISC, explains why it's important for people in the field to learn the 'languages' spoken in other sectors, and how that knowledge can result in more productive creative placemaking.  We interviewed him at the 2019 ArtPlace Summit in Jackson, MS, which was immediately followed by the Rural Generation Summit, also in Jackson. He served on the advisory committee for the Rural Generation Summit. 

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Using Ancient Traditions in Diabetes Fight

• June 6th, 2019

This episode is an interview with Queen Muhammad Ali who is using film to document the ancient food and pharmacopeia traditions in American Samoa. Her collaborators on the project are filmmaker Hakeem Khaaliq and media archivist David Neary, who completed work at MoMA in New York City. The name of the project is Manuia Samoa, and she will (did) present at the 2019 Pacific Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit in Los Angeles. The project began as a labor of love after her maternal grandmother died in 2012. Ali talks about how nearly half the island is diagnosed with diabetes and her belief that a return to a traditional diet will help. The recording was  completed in May of 2019 at the ArtPlace Summit in Jackson, MS. 

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Creative Placemaking at the Richland Library

• May 17th, 2019

Several lucky attendees at the 2019 Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit for the South and Appalachia were treated to a field workshop at the main branch of the Richland Library in Columbia,  SC. We interviewed the workshop leader, Chief Program and Innovation Officer, Tony Tallent, to ask about the changing role of the public library and why creative placemaking can help the institution meet the needs of the community.

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Art Making and Conversation

• May 14th, 2019

We incorporated art making into one of our Creative Placemaking Leadership Summits to help summit attendees decompress and have conversations about community and home. We interviewed SaBrina Jeffcoat, the artist who made it happen at the 2019 Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit | South + Appalachia. Have a listen. And to learn more about our Summits across the country, please visit


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Welcoming Immigrants Through Creative Placemaking

• May 10th, 2019

Meet two individuals who are creative placemaking welcoming environments in the American South and beyond. We interviewed Jordyne Krumroy and Janeen Bryant at the 2019 Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit | South + Appalachia in Columbia, SC in April of 2019. Krumroy works for Welcoming America, a non-profit that offers toolkits to communities in the new South, across the country, and internationally that want to become hospitable to immigrants. Bryant owns Facilitate Movement, LLC, and operates out of Charlotte, North Carolina. The two talk about their work and what it feels like to be engaged in a larger movement at this moment in history. CreativePlace is produced by The National Consortium for Creative Placemaking

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Developers and Creative Placemaking

• May 2nd, 2019

We interviewed Jaunita Hardy, who recently finished a fellowship at the Urban Land Institute, a non-profit research and education organization that serves members who are mostly in real estate development. The occasion for this interview was a visit to Charlottesville, VA, for the 2019 Tom Tom Festival and Summit where Hardy and Andrea Orlando, Community Director at the National Consortium for Creative Placemaking and podcast host served together on a panel on creative placemaking. She talks about her research into best practices for real estate developers and the direction of creative placemaking in that industry. The interview took place one week before the 2019 Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit | South + Appalachia in Columbia, S.C. 

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